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简要描述:2015年12月19日全国大学英语六级考试已完结,本次考试为多题多卷,收集整理有所不同版本试题,可供试题参照。2015年12月六级听力原文第一版较短对话W: Wow, what a variety of salads you’ve got on your menu, could you recommend something special?M: Well, I think you can try this mixed salad。...

本文摘要:2015年12月19日全国大学英语六级考试已完结,本次考试为多题多卷,收集整理有所不同版本试题,可供试题参照。2015年12月六级听力原文第一版较短对话W: Wow, what a variety of salads you’ve got on your menu, could you recommend something special?M: Well, I think you can try this mixed salad。

2015年12月19日全国大学英语六级考试已完结,本次考试为多题多卷,收集整理有所不同版本试题,可供试题参照。2015年12月六级听力原文第一版较短对话W: Wow, what a variety of salads you’ve got on your menu, could you recommend something special?M: Well, I think you can try this mixed salad。

We make the dressing with fresh berries。Q: what does the man mean?W: I was talking to Mary the other day, and she mentioned that your new consulting firm is doing really well。M: Yes, business paced up much faster than we anticipated。We now have over 200 clients。

Q: What do we learn about the man from the conversation?W: Do you know where we keep flash disks and printing paper?M: They should be in the cabinet if there are any。That’s where we keep all of our office supplies。Q: what does the woman mean?W: The printing of this dictionary is so small。I can’t read the explanations at all。

M: Let me get my magnify glass。I know I just can’t do without it。

Q: What does the man mean?W: I’m considering having my office redecorated, the furniture is old and the paint is chipping。M: I’ll give you my sister-in-law’s number。She just graduated from an interior designing academy, and will give a free estimate。

Q: What is the woman considering?W: We have a full load of goods that needs to be delivered。But we can’t get a container ship anyway。M: That’s always being a problem in this port。

The facilities here are never able to meet our needs。Q: What are the speakers talking about?W: Why didn’t Rod get a pay raise?M: The boss just isn’t convinced that his work attitude warranted it。She said she saw him by the coffee machine more often than at his desk。

Q: What are the speakers talking about?W: The hotel called, saying that because of the scheduling there, they won’t be are able to cater for our banquet。M: I know an Indian restaurant on the high street that offers a special diner for groups。

The food is excellent, and the room is large enough to accommodate us。Q: What does the man suggest they do?宽对话Conversation 1M: Hello Jane。

W: Hello Paul。M: Please coming。

I’m just getting ready to go home。Susan is expecting me for dinner。I wanted to be on time for a change。

W: Look, I’m terribly sorry to drop in this time on Friday, Paul, but it is rather important。M: That’s OK。

What’s the problem?W: Well, Paul, I won’t keep you long。You see there is a problem with the exchange rates。

The Indian Rupee has taken a fall on the foreign exchange market。You see there is being a sharp increase in Indian’s balance of payment deficit。M: I see。

How serious, isn’t it?W: Well, as you know, there have been reports of unrest India, and the prospects for the Rupee look pretty gloomy。M: And that’s going to affect us, as if we didn’t have enough problems on our hands。W: So I thought it would be wise to take out forward exchange cover to protect our position on the outstanding contract。

M: Just a minute。Forward exchange cover, now what does that mean exactly?W: Well, it means that JO notes enters into a commitment to sell Indian Rupees at the present rate。

M: I see。And how will that benefit us?W: Well, JO notes wouldn’t lose out if Indian Rupee falls further。M: What will it cost, Jane?W: A small percentage, about 1% and that can be built into the price of the bike。

M: Well, I don’t suppose there is much choice。All right Jane, let’s put it into action。Q9: What do we learn about the man’s daily life?Q10: Why did the woman come to see the man?Q11: What makes the woman worry about the Indian Rupee?Conversation 2W: Charles, among other things, you regarded as one of the America’s great masters of the blues。

A musical idiom does essentially about loss, particularly the loss of romantic love。Why does love die?M: People often get into love affairs because they have unrealistic expectations about somebody。

Then when the person doesn’t turn out to be who they thought he or she was, they start thinking maybe I can change him or her。That kind of thinking is a mistake。

Because when the dust settles, people are going to be pretty much what they are。It’s a rare thing for anybody to be able to change who they really are。


And this creates a lot of problems。W: At 62, you continue to spend a large percentage of your life touring。

What appeals to you about life on the road?M: Music, I don’t especially love life on the road, but I figure if you are lucky enough to be able to do what you truly love doing, you’ve got the ultimate of life。W: What’s the most widely-held misconception about the life of a famous musician?M: People think it’s all glamour。Actually we have the same troubles they do。

Playing music doesn’t mean life treats you any better。W: How do you feel about being recognized everywhere you go?M: You think I be used to it by now。But I still find it fascinating。

You go to a little town in Japan, where nobody speaks English, yet they know you on side and know all your music。I’m still amazed by the love people express for me and by music。






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